Please call or drop in to request pricing.  Due to liquor licensing laws we cannot list prices on our website.

September 2020 Update:

We have reduced our range to the most popular brews as shown below however if there is a brew that is no longer on the list we can brew it on request in 50 Litre minimum quantities, pre-paid.

Lagers / Pilseners

  • Summer Lovin Lager

  • Chilli Beer

  • USA Draft

  • Buddies Lager

  • North lakes Lager

  • Summit Lager

  • Premium Dry

  • Easy Dry

  • Irish lager

  • Mexicana

  • North Lakes Mid (Mex Lite)

  • Spider Webb

  • Tokyo Super Dry

  • Hiking Pilsner

  • Mt Canadian Pils

  • TT Pilsner

Ales / IPA's

  • JJ pale Ale

  • Mango Hill Pale Ale

  • Mosaic pale Ale

  • Simcoe Pale Ale

  • Little Animals pale Ale

  • Triple Century Session Ale

  • Malten Lava Amber Ale

  • Golden Tokyo Ale

  • Devils Bowel Juice IPA

  • Thirsty Murk IPA

Dark Beer

  • Pirate Porter

  • Creamy Canadian Porter

  • Goodness Stout

  • Knight's Finest

  • Nut Brown Ale

Ginger Beer / Cider

  • Little Molly's Ginger Beer

  • Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  • Hopped Apple Cider

  • Raspberry & Mango Cider

  • Peach & Passionfruit Cider

  • Blueberry Cider

  • Raspberry & Lime Cider

KEg Filling

So you've run out of beer? We can fix that.

We offer keg fills daily from 10am-5pm,
from Growlers to 25Ltr Corney Kegs.

Bring in your emptys, pick a beer, and that's it. 

Grab a schooey from the bar, or make a quick run to bunnings.
We'll wash it, service it if needed, fill it, and bring it out when its done. 


Our beers come filtered, carbonated, and ice cold so all you have to do is hook it up and enjoy.


Call in or check our facebook page for updates on what is available. 

due to high demand, kegging menu may change without notice.no holds sorry

Out of gas as well? 🤦🏻‍♂️Bring your Co2 bottle in and we can fill that too!

Pro tip: Its best to freeze your gas bottles before refilling so you can fit more in.