Pkg #1 Keg Master Series 4 Fridge Package

Pkg #1 Keg Master Series 4 Fridge Package

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Keg Fridge Pkg #1 - Double Tap Font S/S, 3 x 19L Kegs, 2.6kg Gas Bottle + 50L of Beer


Keg Master Series 4 Double Tap SS Includes:

- 3 x 19L Kegs

- 2.6 kg Gas Bottle + 50 Litres of Beer

- 2 x Intertap Stainless Steel Taps and Stainless Steel Shanks (better quality than chrome plated brass)
- Stainless Steel 304 grade font
- MKIII regulator
- Font Fan
- CO2 Cylinder Bracket Holder
- Beer and Gas Line
- Hose Clamps
- Tap Tool
- Guard Rail
- Drip Tray
- Castor wheels
- Stainless steel Door (sides are black powder coated steel and the top is black plastic)

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